ERAA Submission

Dear Mr Blowers,

RE: Review of the Energy Saver Incentive: Issues Paper

The Energy Retailers Association of Australia (ERAA) welcomes the opportunity to provide comments on the Review of the Energy Saver Incentive: Issues Paper.

The ERAA represents the organisations providing electricity and gas to almost 10 million Australian households and businesses. Our member organisations are mostly privately owned, vary in size and operate in all areas within the national electricity market (NEM) and are the first point of contact for end use customers of both electricity and gas.

The Victorian Energy Saver Incentive Scheme (the ESI) has made a significant contribution to reducing energy consumption in Victoria in recent years through the creation of a market for energy efficiency. However, there is scope to improve the take up of energy efficient measures in Victoria. The ERAA supports the development of a Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) in order to assess the effectiveness of the ESI. The RIS and the broader review process should

  • assess the suitability of the current ESI objectives
  • identify if changes to the ESI can address current and expected issues
  • determine if the ESI is the most suitable approach for achieving energy efficiency outcomes.

The ERAA considers that other measures, possibly including participation in a national initiative such as a National Energy Savings Initiative (NESI), may be a preferable method for encouraging improvements to energy efficiency in Victoria. The impact of the potential introduction of a NESI, the harmonisation of jurisdictional schemes and the possibility of direct regulatory initiatives should be considered as part of this review.

Should you wish to discuss the details of this submission, please contact me on (02) 8241 1800 and I will be happy to facilitate such discussions with my member companies.

Yours sincerely,

Cameron O'Reilly
Energy Retailers Association of Australia

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