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A research report submitted to the former Department of Primary Industries by Hall & Open Mind

September 2011

Contact: Gary Colquhoun, Research Director

T: (03) 9662 9200
A: 68 Drummond St, Carlton, Vic 3053

Table of Contents

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1. Executive Summary

2. Background and Methodology

  • Background
  • Research Objectives
  • Research Approach
  • A Note about the Sample Structure
  • Structure of the Report

3. The ESI Scheme in Context

  • The Profile of Accredited Persons
  • The Profile of Consumers Participating in the ESI Scheme
  • Summary

4. Consumer Motivations to Participate

  • Reasons for not upgrading energy efficiency prior to ESI
  • Reasons for taking part in the ESI scheme
  • Nature of the incentive provided
  • Nett installation costs to the consumer
  • Likelihood of proceeding with upgrade without an incentive
  • Sources of information about the ESI scheme
  • Summary

5. Consumer Experience since the ESI Activity

  • Current Status of the installed equipment
  • Reasons for installed equipment not working
  • Replacing non-operational products
  • Behavioural changes that have followed ESI activities
  • Household consciousness of energy efficiency since ESI activity
  • General patterns of household energy efficiency
  • Broader attitudes towards energy efficiency
  • Summary

6. Overall Consumer Experience with the ESI Scheme

  • Main benefits of the ESI scheme
  • Main problems experienced with the ESI scheme
  • Summary

7. The Impact of the ESI Scheme on Accredited Persons

  • Business establishment by providers
  • ESI as a business focus
  • Employment impacts
  • Investment and technological impacts
  • The costs and benefits of participation in the ESI scheme
  • Suggestions for improvement to the scheme
  • Summary

Appendix 1: Detailed Findings for Accredited Persons

  • Drivers and barriers
  • Impacts of the ESI scheme on participating businesses
  • Costs and benefits of participation in the ESI scheme

Appendix 2: Survey Questionnaires

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