Historically, large energy users who participated in EPA Victoria’s Environment and Resource Efficiency Plans (EREP) program were excluded from the VEET scheme (now called ‘Victorian Energy Upgrades’)  .

From 1 August 2017, these large energy users will be able to opt-in to the scheme if they choose. Opting in will allow sites to benefit from the scheme by creating certificates when undertaking energy efficiency upgrades. Opting in will also create a liability for their energy retailer under the scheme.

Exclusion from the Victorian Energy Upgrades program  will continue for all currently excluded sites unless the site chooses to opt in to the program by notifying the Essential Services Commission (ESC) of their intention to do so and creating their first certificate.

How do sites opt in?

To opt in to the Victorian Energy Upgrades program . excluded sites are required to both advise the Essential Services Commission of their intention to do so in writing and also create their first certificate. A liability for the site is not triggered until the site receives an incentive under the program - that is, when a certificate is created on behalf of the previously excluded business by an accredited provider undertaking an energy efficiency upgrade on the applicable site.

Sites for which a certificate is created will then start to create a liability for their energy retailer from 1 January in the calendar year two years after the calendar year in which the certificate was registered. That is, a site which opts in in 2017 will create a liability from 1 January 2019.

Once a site chooses to opt in and creates a certificate, that site cannot opt out from creating a liability  for their energy retailer. Sites seeking to opt in should discuss the liability with their energy retailer before opting in.

Further information regarding how excluded large energy users can opt-in can be found on the ESC website from 1 August 2017.

Page last updated: 06/11/20