Important news: Victorian Residential Efficiency Scorecard, Energy Savvy Upgrades and Healthy Homes – roadmap for reopening

Currently suspended in-home activities for Victorian Residential Efficiency Scorecard, Energy Savvy Upgrades and Healthy Homes programs will recommence from 28 October in alignment with the government’s changes to restrictions in metropolitan Melbourne for businesses undertaking these types of activities in residential premises.

Consistent with government requirements, all businesses involved in these programs must have a COVIDSafe Plan. Employers engaged in providing in-home activities must have a High Risk COVIDSafe Plan in place for each workplace/site and must adhere to these at all times.

The Industry Restart Guidelines Small-scale Construction FAQs allow these activities in occupied residential premises where is it possible to create a physical barrier between workers and occupants and/or the occupier can temporarily vacate the premises for duration of the works.

Guidance is being regularly updated and providers are encouraged to check the latest advice at

Update: 28/10/20

The Scorecard: Background

The Victorian Government has released a voluntary home efficiency rating tool – the Victorian Residential Efficiency Scorecard (the Scorecard).

The Scorecard empowers householders to improve the energy performance of their home and save money on their energy bills.

Householders who are interested in understanding more about the energy performance of their home can contact a private provider and arrange for a rating assessment. The provider collects data on site and calculates a star rating through the Scorecard tool on the spot. The Scorecard is a user pays service - assessors charge householders appropriate fees for providing Scorecard assessments.

Once the provider has completed the rating, the householder receives:

  • An overall rating that represents the average cost of energy for that house
  • Information about the performance of key elements of the house
  • Information about performance of the house in hot conditions and
  • A range of options about how they could improve the rating of the house.

The Scorecard is designed for use in existing and new homes.

The Scorecard is supported by the Victorian Government to ensure that the results are backed by robust evidence, data and calculations.

There are opportunities for stakeholders to be involved in ongoing consultation on the Scorecard - subscribe to our stakeholder newsletter, Scorecard Bulletin, for updates.

For further information, contact us directly at or visit the Scorecard website

Page last updated: 28/10/20