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AEMCAustralian Energy Market Commission
AERAustralian Energy Regulator
AMIadvanced metering infrastructure
BCPbasic community profile
CCDcensus collection district
CPPcritical peak pricing
DBelectricity distribution business
DHSDepartment of Human Services
DoIDepartment of Infrastructure
DPIDepartment of Primary Industries
ESCEssential Services Commission (Victoria)
FRCfull retail competition
GW, GWhgigawatt, gigawatt hour
HCChealth care card
IMROinterval meter rollout program
kW, kWhkilowatt, kilowatt hour
MARSmultivariate adaptive regression splines
MRIMmanually read interval meter
MW, MWhmegawatt, megawatt hour
NEMNational Electricity Market
NMInational metering identifier
RBelectricity retail business
SMEsmall and medium enterprise
SPRservice provision responsibility
ToUtime of use
VAGOVictorian Auditor General's Office
VFvulnerability factor


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