Private Overhead Electrical Line transcript

Time: 0:00

Vision: Excavation truck
Powerline Bushfire Safety Program's, Powerline Replacement Fund

Time: 0:06
Vision: Connecting pipe
The Victorian Government is working to reduce bushfire risk from powerlines.

Time: 0:10
Vision: Digger with powerlines, workman and pipes and placing pipes underground.

Time: 0:11
Vision: Pipe images
Replacing bare wire private powerlines with underground cables in the highest bushfire risk areas.

Time: 0:17
Vision: Powerlines coming down
Text: Reducing the risk of bushfires caused by electrical lines and giving Victoria the most bushfire safe power network in the country

Time: 0:25
Vision: Connecting pipe, lowering cable and digging up volcanic rock

Time: 00:29
Vision: Undergrounding works
Text: Replacing a private overhead electrical line in Seymour

Time: 0:31
Vision: Digging
Text: Excavating over 100 tonnes of rock

Time: 0:36
Vision: Cable
Text: Rolling out 1.034 metres of cable

Time: 0:41
Vision: Laying pipe
Text: Laying and connecting covered pipe

Time: 0:46
Vision: River works
Text: Connecting pipe above river crossing

Time: 0:51
Vision: Power box works
Text: Turning the power on

Time: 0:56
Vision: State Government Victoria
Text: Powerline Bushfire Safety Program, Delivering safer communities from bushfires

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