Government Response

The Review was conducted in 2017 and examined the design and adequacy of the safety regulatory obligations, incentives and other arrangements governing the safety of electricity and gas networks.

The Review found that whilst Victoria has many of the key elements of a leading regulatory system, it also identified areas for improvement, making 43 recommendations chiefly focussed on:

  • strengthening the governance of the Victorian regulator, Energy Safe Victoria
  • broadening Energy Safe Victoria’s capabilities and preparedness to take strong regulatory action 
  • consolidating energy safety legislation to create a single energy safety law.

In response to the Review’s Final Report, the government has outlined:

  • support for 21 recommendations
  • support in principle for 21 recommendations
  • government does not support one recommendation.

More information, including a copy of the Review’s Final Report and the Government Response, can be on Engage Victoria - Electricity Network Safety Review site.

Page last updated: 21/08/18