The Victorian Government is committed to positioning the State to capitalise on new and developing energy technologies, products and services. As such, the Victorian Government has provided $5.36 million over four years to establish and seed fund the Centre for New Energy Technologies (C4NET). C4NET supports and capitalises on the energy transformation, drawing on Victoria’s rich energy data resources, skills and innovation capabilities to progress the new energy technologies sector.

C4NET is an industry-led, not-for-profit company that delivers multi-party solutions to the challenges the energy industry is facing. Bringing together government agencies, industry and universities, C4NET creates new links across the sector and delivers collaborative projects that are helping to progress our energy system transition by:

Connecting industry, academia and the public sector

C4NET connects organisations to industry, academic partners and a wide array of energy data to deliver transformative energy projects. C4NET provides energy data access and analytics services to a variety of organisations both within and outside the energy sector, supporting them to make evidence-based choices and capitalising on the value of Victoria’s investment in smart metering infrastructure.

Collaborating with partners

C4NET has extensive industry connections and partnerships, from incumbent industry players through to startups, councils and small businesses. Core Participants include AusNet Services, Powercor (on behalf of CitiPower and United Energy), Jemena, Swinburne University, Monash University, RMIT University, Federation University, Deakin University and the University of Melbourne. The Centre is supported by the Victorian Government and the Australian Energy Market Operator, alongside a range of individual project partners. C4NET’s projects are designed to solve real-world problems by applying the significant expertise of leading researchers.

Catalysing projects

Through C4NET, new energy technology proponents have access to high-quality researchers and sophisticated data analytics experts and tools, along with co-funding opportunities to accelerate project development and implementation.  The Centre delivers projects focused on:

  • Energy data resources
  • New energy technologies
  • Informing policy development
  • Skills and education

Creating a dialogue for the sector

C4NET has an active role in setting the dialogue for energy data and policy setting for the future of the sector by connecting key stakeholders and influencers across government, industry and research institutions.

Become a member

C4NET has both Core Participants (including the six research organisations and five distribution businesses listed above), Associate Participants and a range of project partners of varying sizes. The Centre is open to new memberships and projects to develop leading products that advance the energy sector.

For further information, please visit the C4NET website at or contact the government’s C4NET support team at

Page last updated: 29/01/21