Save energy and save money – there are many simple things you can do in your home or business to save

Did you know that by using Victorian Energy Compare you can shop around to find which energy retailer can give you the best deal.

Did you also know that up to 10% of your electricity use could be from gadgets on standby.

On our Victorian Energy Saver website you can find:

  • Victorian Energy Compare – an independent tool to help you compare energy retailers and find the one that suits you
  • more tips on how to save energy and save money
  • Residential Efficiency Scorecard – get an energy assessment of your home and get tips for you on how you can save energy by improving your homes energy efficiency
  • learn about incentives that make energy efficiency more affordable

More information

Read about how energy retailers are obliged to provide pricing information so consumers can make informed decisions.

Want help to get the best deal from energy salespeople? Get some tips on your rights from Consumer Affairs. Saving energy can help cut bills.

Finding it difficult to pay your electricity bill? Learn about concessions and hardship.

If you're unhappy with your electricity retailer, find out how to submit a complaint.

Page last updated: 18/06/19