The Government provides a range of energy concessions and relief grants to low income groups for electricity, gas and LPG to assist with energy affordability.

These concessions include a year-round discount of 17.5 per cent on mains electricity, and a winter concession of 17.5 per cent for mains gas usage (from 1 May to 31 October).

The Victorian Government also administers, in partnership with community sector organisations, the Energy and Water Taskforce Program. Under the Program, an eligible individual in a targeted disadvantaged neighbourhood can have installed, at no cost, $300 worth of energy and water saving products at their property.

Improving our energy efficiency is a cost-effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and most of the activities covered by the Energy and Water Taskforce Program are included in the Government's Energy Saver Incentive scheme which commenced on 1 January 2009.

You could be eligible for an Annual Electricity Concession. You should ask your energy retailers about what concessions are available to you.

Hardship Policies of Energy Retailers

In 2006, the Victorian Government enacted legislation which required energy retailers to have approved policies and programs in place to assist domestic customers suffering energy hardship. Hardship policies and programs are in addition to Victoria's core consumer protections.

Victoria was the first state in Australia to place a legislative requirement on energy retailers to produce best-practice hardship policies and programs.

Under the hardship legislative provisions, each retailer published its own energy consumer hardship policy. The Essential Services Commission assesses each policy for compliance with the legislative requirements for energy consumer hardship.

On 22 March 2016, the Essential Services Commission released its report on its inquiry into best practice financial hardship policies and programs of Victorian energy retailers

Energy Hardship Inquiry

You can find the final report on the Essential Services Commission website

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